Long before the pandemic shut down the rest of New York, Manhattan’s Chinatown was struggling. Baseless fears spread quickly about people of Chinese ancestry as carriers of the coronavirus, and by mid-January, Chinatown’s streets were almost deserted.  Business was down by 40% to 80%, with restaurants

Although many New York City restaurants are struggling to survive the coronavirus pandemic, some entrepreneurs see this as a good time to establish new eateries. Between March and September, nearly 2,550 restaurants have launched in the state, according to a Yelp economic impact report.  These openings

The killer stepped between tightly parked cars and crossed in front of a Jesus Loves You sign to the teenager standing in front of 1705 Hoe Ave. in the Bronx. Jeanette Spruell Werts replays the surveillance video, released by the NYPD, over and over again, looking for clues into her son’s murder.

On four Saturdays this fall, three teenage girls of color spent hours at an East Harlem dance studio. Wearing masks, they practiced contemporary dance and experimented with choreography, but they also journaled and had roundtable discussions.  This mix of activities at the free afternoon workshop, known

NYC: Voted and Counting In New York, more than 2.3 million people voted across the five boroughs, according to the New York City Board of Elections. The city was preparing for the worst – long lines and rioting. But what Columbia Journalism documentary students found was