After meeting with President Donald Trump in 2017 to discuss voter suppression, then civil rights attorney Theodore Mukamal, AKA Tootsie Warhol, decided he needed to do more to stop Trump from winning the next election. The former lawyer turned full-time political performance artist has stood

Throughout the United States, voters across the political spectrum are anxious about tonight’s election. For many transgender and non-binary voters, however, what happens tonight could hit at the very core of their most important, hard-fought social liberties.  Since President Trump began his presidency, LGBTQ+ Americans have

Voters on Long Island flocked to the polls on Tuesday morning to cast their votes in the closely contested race to succeed retiring U.S. Rep. Peter King, the longest-serving Republican member of New York’s congressional delegation. Democrat Jackie Gordon, 55, a town councilwoman in Babylon and

Times Square’s businesses were boarded up Tuesday, police erected barricades throughout Midtown and Sean Spicer snapped a photo of a Donald Trump impersonator donning a large cardboard sign reading, “Vote Trump Out.”  But it's not clear that reflects his sentiments. Spicer, former White House press secretary and

It’s honks versus f-bombs on West 107th Street in Manhattan. And right now, the honks are winning. A trio of Manhattan residents have turned an intersection on the Upper West Side into a cacophonous public square. Waving signs that direct passers-by to “Honk for Biden,” they