Rising temperatures bring longer allergy seasons to New York City, causing suffering and higher healthcare costs for millions of Americans.

The city’s high renter population and unique heating bill systems pose challenges to widespread adoption.

Woodside, Queens is the perfect residential neighborhood – until it rains.  “You can see lights turn on [along] the whole neighborhood,” said Tenzin Woe, a

Some young, college-educated people are pivoting to farming, taking on social justice initiatives and environmental challenges in the process.

The floods surprised Bay Ridge, Brooklyn residents, some of whom learned that private insurance would not cover them and disaster relief would not suffice.

The proposed law would create funding needed to aid communities hit hardest by pollution and climate change.

The hearings are the first chance outside of several ongoing protests for Greenpoint residents to voice concerns about National Grid's push to expand

For almost a year, environmental activists have marched, carried signs and chained themselves to equipment to protest a Brooklyn gas pipeline project, but the