A family who had a harrowing journey from Venezuela to New York City now struggles to process it all.

What followed was the forging of a friendship between two strangers halfway across the world, from Dublin to Gaza.

One topic that surfaces during Irish comedy shows is the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Eclipse stories and traditions from New York and all around the world

“Anything that walks, curls, flies or flinches, I eat,” he said. “And that is exactly what I serve to others.”

Students for a Free Tibet is a network of global chapters headquartered in New York that advocate for support of Tibet’s struggle for freedom

Luz Peña and her two children, ages 5 and 16, arrived at the southern border of the United States this summer after leaving Peru

By 7 p.m. on a recent Thursday, more than 70 migrants were gathered under the pinched arches of Good Shepherd.

The extraordinary influx of migrants has stretched New York City’s resources—and its patience.

The pensive silence of the Orthodox Church service was broken by a violent, rhythmic clatter on Great Friday this past spring. The unsettling sound

Attacks on Christian holy sites and Christian clergy have risen precipitously this year. Sadly, examples abound. Days after the new year, two Israeli Jewish

A Columbia University grad reflects on her family's journey since a catastrophic earthquake uprooted them.

[embed][/embed]   James Stevenson is a well-known British guitarist based in London who has come to the U.S. to perform at least four to five times

The MentorUkraine program gives Ukrainian students mentorship during the college application process.

They fled because of their country’s anti-LGBTQ+ policies—only to find more of the same in Kenya.

On January 17, a week before India’s Republic Day, the British Broadcast Company (BBC) released a documentary “India: The Modi Question.” It was about

On an early February morning in Chinatown, students put on face masks and doused their hands with sanitizer before entering the New York Chinese

A migrant reflects on arriving in New York, and striving to make it.

Amid Iran’s protests, a little known ethnic group demands a recognition of its struggles.

Columbia journalism student Aidan Kahn captured the protest in images.

It was not the best day for an outside party: 55 °F and raining. But, on this early October day, Diana Viviescas and her

Bordi moved to the United States from Ukraine with her mother when she was six-years-old in hopes of a better life, she said. Now,

A ceremony in the Financial District brought together New York City's mayor and Ukrainian Consulate to show support.

St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church in the East Village has brought together parishioners to pray for peace in the region.