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Clients use the space within the four walls of their salons to release the burdens occupying their minds.

A high turnover rate among nurses highlights the staffing issues.

Once a seasonal problem, tick-borne diseases could become a year-long issue; in NYC, cases increased 146% in one year.

Families scrambled to pack their loved ones’ belongings, while employees worried about lost wages.

Rising temperatures bring longer allergy seasons to New York City, causing suffering and higher healthcare costs for millions of Americans.

Amid a nationwide shortage, Adderall prescriptions for young adults continue to skyrocket in the United States. Some say this will lead to lasting problems.

With no known cure for dementia and Alzheimer's, a patient and a Reverend discuss the stigma surrounding the condition.

George Dawson never imagined he’d be back in school when he retired from medicine in the early months of the pandemic. But when COVID-19

The intersection of Eighth Avenue and West 37th Street in Manhattan is the type of Midtown location that people hurry through. Situated between Port

Childhood vaccination rates fall below the Manhattan and city averages.

As the Supreme Court debates whether to overturn the right to abortion, childfree women in the U.S. once again have to defend their deliberate

Sickle cell anemia, a genetic disease that disproportionately affects communities of color, receives less support from New York State than other rare diseases.

Isolation, grief and too much screen time have led to increased requests for treatment. Call volume to one national hotline has gone up 400

Matt Josa has been training for the Olympics since he was 5 years old. The mental health toll of competing almost got the best

Rates of officer suicides have declined during the pandemic, but some mental health authorities are worried about what might happen next.

It’s a Saturday morning in October, and about 50 pro-life protesters are gathered outside the Planned Parenthood clinic on Bleecker Street in Manhattan. Some