In these COVID times, music lovers have missed the joy of live concerts. Many have even missed listening along with 30,000 other screaming fans. 

Not wanting to settle for a year-long silence, the Kaufman Music Center found a new and creative way to bring smiles to people’s faces: the Musical Storefront series. These free pop-up concerts take place behind a transparent glass window on the Upper West Side. The audience stands outside to avoid large crowds and keep social distancing measures. 

Whoever happens to stroll by West 63d Street and Broadway at the right time, until March 31, will be able to hear about an hour of joyous classical music on the streets of New York.

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CHRISTOPHER ALVAREZ is a disability activist, reporter and filmmaker based in Queens. His work has appeared in New New York, Columbia News Service, Mas Latinos and NY City Lens. He co-wrote, co-produced, co-directed and acted in a feature film, El Padrino, about a disabled young man and his home aide on an emotional journey to avoid deportation by U.S. ICE agents in 2018.
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