Audio: Meet the Women Behind Talea Beers, New York’s First Female-Founded Brewery

The art of brewing spans back millennia, with its earliest origins traced to ancient times. And throughout history, brewing has predominantly been associated with men.

Consequently, the image of the beer-drinking man is also a stereotype as old as time, and part of a narrative that has taken root in popular culture. The tired husband gets home from a long day’s work to crack open a cold beer and watch the game. The story feels inseparable from the cold brew and the man it’s suited for — with a big exception in New York City.

Tara Hankinson and LeAnne Darland are rewriting this narrative with TALEA, the brewery they co-founded. TALEA is the city’s first female-founded brewery and taproom, and they’re expanding.

Hear from the co-founders about their path to opening their doors and how they’ve navigated a predominantly male brewery scene:

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Andrea Calderón is a dual-degree Master's Student at Columbia Journalism School