New Yorkers Clash Over How to Resolve the City’s Migrant Crisis

Politicians are under increasing pressure to find a solution to New York City’s ongoing migrant crisis. The number of those arriving has now reached 110,000 according to Mayor Eric Adams’ office, and they are being housed in hotels from Manhattan to Staten Island.

Adams recently announced that city agencies must cut 5% from their budgets by November to keep up this support, an action that has received pushback from residents in the form of several anti-immigration protests. Adams’ concerns about pressures on the city led him to travel to Mexico to dissuade those considering crossing the border.

In an attempt to ease the burden on the national dilemma, on Sept. 20, President Joe Biden’s administration granted work permits to Venezuelan migrants for 18 months. But New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants all migrants to have this opportunity, and some aren’t happy with either of these plans. Listen in for her thoughts on the matter after touring one Manhattan migrant shelter.



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Ottilie Mitchell is a British journalist and student at Columbia School of Journalism.