December 2020

Rhonda Harper stands waist deep in a black wetsuit, holding a surfboard steady in the hammering waves. Meanwhile, a young girl with a radiant smile, her Afro wet from the breaking surf, climbs onto the board, steps into a crouched position and, with a gentle push from Harper, rides her surfboard unsteadily to

Natnael Tsigab and Lwam Gidey have always been tech-savvy, but until last month, they had never used those skills for activism.  Then tensions escalated this fall between Ethiopia’s central government and the regional government of the Tigray state, in the northern part of the country.

Long before the pandemic shut down the rest of New York, Manhattan’s Chinatown was struggling. Baseless fears spread quickly about people of Chinese ancestry as carriers of the coronavirus, and by mid-January, Chinatown’s streets were almost deserted.  Business was down by 40% to 80%, with restaurants

For almost a year, environmental activists have marched, carried signs and chained themselves to equipment to protest a Brooklyn gas pipeline project, but the work is now nearing completion, and demonstrators may be running out of options. When finished, seven miles of new underground gas mains

Although many New York City restaurants are struggling to survive the coronavirus pandemic, some entrepreneurs see this as a good time to establish new eateries. Between March and September, nearly 2,550 restaurants have launched in the state, according to a Yelp economic impact report.  These openings