Help! Those Things With Wings Are After Me!

They have beady eyes, and make odd flapping noises. Their weird-looking feet and sudden moves can send some people into a tizzy. They’re birds, and some people have a deathly fear of them.

Zombies Bring 5Ks Back to Life

For some people, it’s not enough to just run a 5k race. They also dress as zombies and chase runners through mazes, over slopes and other obstacles in an effort to either “kill” them, or else turn them into zombies like themselves. Zombie races are growing in popularity, for those who dress as them and for those who just like to be chased.

Want a Spiced Apple Soda? Rhubarb? Come to Brooklyn.

Restaurants and home cooks are whipping up thier own artisanal soda syrups and leading a revival that is bringing the culinary values of seasonal, homemade, and local to the fizzy beverage, while reminding us of the soda fountain’s heyday.

Industrial Ruins Draw Interest and Tourists

Although the idea of a modern American ruin seems like an oxymoron, grassroots preservation societies are trying to conserve great abandoned industrial and modern structures.

Jedis: Not So Far, Far Away After All

Jedis are fictional warriors who fight evil in the Star Wars movies. But they’re also thousands of real people who believe in the Force – even if they don’t use lightsabers.

Got Python Problems? There’s An App For That.

Smartphones have become the first line of defense in combating invasive species, from kudzu to the Burmese python, a problem that costs the country about $138 billion annually.