Help! Those Things With Wings Are After Me!

They have beady eyes, and make odd flapping noises. Their weird-looking feet and sudden moves can send some people into a tizzy. They’re birds, and some people have a deathly fear of them.

Got Python Problems? There’s An App For That.

Smartphones have become the first line of defense in combating invasive species, from kudzu to the Burmese python, a problem that costs the country about $138 billion annually.

What’s For Dinner Tonight? Just Ask Your Phone.

Would you trust a bunch of strangers to tell you which dress to wear on your first date? With new decision-making apps, people are collecting instant feedback on such choices from hundreds of other users. Even professionals are jumping on board to collect consumer input.

New, Relaxed Forms of Probation for Convicted Teens

Air Exodus is just one of a number of innovative programs serving disenfranchised youth, with the goal of helping them avoid a future filled with criminal charges. These programs sound more like extra-curricular college prep for the elite than probation: a summer at a wilderness lodge, a mock court training program to learn legal vernacular and lessons in creating art installations.

Did I Leave the Oven On? Better Check Again. And Again.

Many people have idiosyncratic rituals. Sufferers tend to repeatedly check car doors to ensure they’re locked, step on sidewalk cracks exactly the same amount of time with each foot, sanitize hands over and over to fend off germs. But rarely does it come down to … wait, did I turn off my flat iron?

Interlopers Invade “Insular” Dating Websites

Targeted dating sites connect Jews, African-Americans or members of other minority groups looking for love within their communities. But these sites also attract outsiders, people who want to date people from those ethnic or religious groups, but aren’t part of that group.