Christopher Alvarez and Mariel Rodriguez-McGill

CHRISTOPHER ALVAREZ is a disability activist, reporter and filmmaker based in Queens. His work has appeared in New New York, Columbia News Service, Mas Latinos and NY City Lens. He co-wrote, co-produced, co-directed and acted in a feature film, El Padrino, about a disabled young man and his home aide on an emotional journey to avoid deportation by U.S. ICE agents in 2018. email: Twitter: @JournAlvarez Instagram: @ChristopherAlv__ and @theywantca MARIEL RODRIGUEZ-MCGILL is a video journalist and documentarian based in Manhattan. She is from Massachusetts by way of Colorado, where she produced and directed a historical documentary series for Rocky Mountain PBS. After a three-year stint with the Colorado Film Commission, Rodriguez-McGill relocated to New York City to pursue journalism. She received a BA from Boston College and holds an MA from the University of Denver. She can be reached via email at, you can follow her on Twitter at @MarielEats, or find her on Instagram at @MRM_NYCLens

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Articles by Christopher Alvarez and Mariel Rodriguez-McGill