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The Colonel Klink Look (the Monocle) Is Back

The Colonel Klink look is back! No, not Nazi uniforms. The monocle, a nearly-useless form of eyewear that’s the latest fashion trend.

The Snuff That Dreams Are Made Of

The advent of the Internet, with its millions of anonymous users and hundreds of millions of video clips, was supposed to provide the perfect avenue for a snuff film to finally emerge. Though that so far hasn’t been the case, it has only served to deepen the mystery surrounding snuff and increase the desire to find an original copy.

Dating by the Rules, or the Game?

First came the Rules, for women. Then came the Game, for men. When the Rules meet the Game, who wins?

Uncle Sam Is Looking for A Few Good Hackers

Remember “WarGames”? Now the U.S. government is sponsoring them, in the hopes of finding computer geeks who will serve their country in cybercontact.

‘Boy Boobs’ a Growing Problem. Literally.

“Boy boobs” aren’t exactly a medical problem. Still, the condition can be cured by a surgical procedure—and for teenagers suffering from schoolyard ridicule, it can be worth it.